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In which something is written and lost

I just wrote a long post about Welsh mythology and the ravens at the Tower Of London.

I had nearly finished it.

I tried to press Ctrl+T to open a new tab, because I wanted to search for a few extra links to put in.*

I pressed Ctrl+R by mistake. The page reloaded. Deleting everything I’d just written.


I’m not writing it all again. Not right now, anyway. I’m not awake enough.

* links about Francis Pryor, because I suddenly realised that the things I was thinking about chimed well with the book and TV series he did a few years back.

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In which a colleague shocks FP

Being a normal, well-adjusted, modern person, I sometimes forget how bigoted and backwards other people tend to be around here.

Today, I was over at one of our branch offices for a few hours. Whilst I was there, one of the staff popped across the road to the local chip shop to get us all dinner. She came back, and we tucked in.

“These are good fishcakes,” said the branch manager. He’s in his mid-30s, he knows how to cook well and dress well, and I assume he’s fairly intelligent.* “You wouldn’t think they were made by a couple of gayboys.” I choked on my coffee, but managed not to say anything. We get on badly enough already.

* Well, his writing is barely functional – I’ve received memos from him, and they’re very badly written, bad enough to be very hard to understand sometimes. But, if you manage to become a branch manager, you can’t be too stupid.

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