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In which FP is easily (and correctly) stereotyped

There was a reason behind yesterday’s post: a conversation I had at work yesterday.* Taking a shortcut through the warehouse behind the office, I got talking to Colleague M. Colleague M is fairly new, so tends to get all the rubbish jobs, such as sitting out in the cold of the warehouse sorting through boxes of stuff before it goes upstairs. We ended up talking for a while, and for some reason I ended up having to mention that I have a website.**

“Yes,” said M, “you look like the sort of person who would have a website.”

Frankly, I was a bit baffled. M may be right, but I have no idea why. What do people who have websites look like?

* which was, itself, only a small part of what added up to be a rather odd day.

** but not the address of it.

Keyword noise:

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4 comments on “Reasoning”

  1. Freiya says:

    someone once said a similar thing to me. At the time i didn’t know what to say really, i think it was a compliment but i’m not entirely sure :)

  2. Dimitra says:

    People with websites look geeky, of course. They look like they can sit still in front of a computer screen for long periods of time, and enjoy it. Perhaps they even look like the sort of person who would tell their boyfriend at 2 am “oh, I should have sent you a trackback”…

  3. Forest Pines says:

    To be honest, when I’m at home I don’t sit still at all in front of the computer, because I have music on as well. Strangely, M described someone else to me as “geeky and boring, not like you,” so I’m confused.

  4. Hmmm. Bleeding edge, contemporary and chic, with a touch of introspection and world weariness? Nah, that doesn’t decribe anybody I know with a blog/website – it’s just how we all wish we looked!

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