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In which things are still getting hot and sticky

It’s that Friday post again…

It’s also getting into the hayfever season. I’m already getting complaints about the volume of my sneezes. This morning, though, whilst getting dressed I sneezed. And fell over. With one sneeze, my back became a little world of pain. I could barely move, and had to lie on the floor whimpering for ten minutes in the hope it would go away. It still hurts quite a lot as I’m sat writing this.

Things I’ve been thinking about a lot this week: the rubbish choice we have in the local elections, Flann O’Brien, and the Plain People Of The Internet. Expect them to pop up here again soon.

Following up Tuesday’s post: our ventilation fight with the Office Manager goes on. His latest claim is that it would be illegal for us to prop the door open, under the fire regulations. In retaliation, I now have a digital thermometer on my desk. At least The Boss is starting to weigh in on our side, having realised just how warm our office gets. Currently we’re at 22.3 Celsius and rising.

There was a bit of a spike in blog traffic the other day; it turns out I was spidered by a mysterious site which consists solely of an “under construction” page. How 1990s of them. I suppose it’s my own fault for not setting up robots.txt properly.

Following up from yesterday: I was chatting with my colleague Antivirus the other day, and mentioned that I’d been out “near [nearest large town]”. She not only said: “oh, to the Theatrical And Social Club?”* but said some rather tantalising things. I’m a bit suspicious that either she might have been there herself,** or we have mutual acquaintances that I haven’t worked out yet, because they implied she knew some “you had to be there” stuff. Fortunately I know from experience what her level of computer ability is, so she’s not likely to be reading this. Probably it’s just a funny coincidence.

Current temperature: 23.8 Celsius and rising. Sorry, 23.9.*** I’m off to get a glass of water.

* Well, she didn’t, because that’s not its name, but you know what I mean.

** But that’s unlikely, because she would surely have come up to me and said hello if she’d seen me.

*** or 75.2 if you’re American. Although it went up to 76.3 in the time it took me to write this footnote.

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In which FP gets ill just as it’s in the news

In today’s news, top scientists have discovered that being a bit chilly does indeed help you catch colds. For me, it’s a timely discovery; on Saturday I started to feel a bit wobbly at the edges,* and I spent most of Sunday in bed, sneezing, sinuses blocked, hoping my fuzzy headache would clear itself. I’m blaming the rather ill-planned heating arrangements in my office. It does have a radiator, but at the far end of the room to my desk, which may as well be 1,000 miles further north as far as I can tell. Every ten minutes I have to walk to the far end of the room to warm my numb fingers, so I can keep typing.

The Mother was pleased by the news: “Look! See! Mothers are right when they tell you things!” I tried to point out that she had always said the exact opposite when I was small. If I looked at all sniffly on the day of a PE lesson, I’d be told: “getting out there on the field will do you good – the cold will kill all the bugs off.”

* and it wasn’t a hangover, before you ask

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In which I am ill

I had planned to write a long serious music-review post, but as my head is all fuzzed up and I can’t stop sneezing, that’s off the menu. No constructive thought from me today.

If you haven’t read it already, I recommend this post from Gordon McLean. It’s about the USA, and it expresses a lot of what I’ve also been thinking about that place recently.

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