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We want information

In which we find out what people are looking for

To celebrate the 150th post,* here are a few search-engine queries that have brought people to this site in the past few months:

autumn days when the grass is jewelled lyrics and variations on that is, by a large margin, what brings random visitors to this site. I did post some of the lyrics, here. The rest of the requests below are rather rarer.
byline photo – no, I still don’t think I need one
what is healthy porn? Porn where everyone is getting plenty of fibre in their diet? I have no idea.
pines forest evil – I’m not, am I?
colleague m was presumably searched for by Colleague M’s mother. Hello, Colleague M’s Mother!
the leviathan pictures – I don’t know whether you mean the philosophy book or the mythical beast, but neither are anything to do with me.
i hear voldemort has no nose how does he smell? I love it when people have the same silly sense of humour as me.
fed up with websites. Well, stop reading them then.

I think that’s enough of that for a few months.

* Update, August 22nd 2020: well, it was the 150th post, before I went through and edited away some of the pointless filler.


In which we get excited about squid

As you’ve already read elsewhere, the first photos of a live Giant Squid have been released to the world. Unfortunately – even though according to the BBC story, the squid-hunting team took over 550 photos – only a handful have been published; between them the two stories linked here repeat all of the photos in the original research paper. Presumably, the full range of photos goes something like this:

  1. Photos of murky blue sea with no squid in sight (107 shots)
  2. Look! Squid! (4 shots)
  3. Ooh, we’ve captured a tentacle! (2 shots)
  4. The crew cooks calamari (143 shots)
  5. Blurry pictures of drunk sailors (314 shots)