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In which FP gets annoyed by a TV advert

Now, I know I shouldn’t believe advertising. I know I should assume that most people probably don’t believe advertising, and I shouldn’t let myself get worked up about it. But, still, something has been getting my goat lately.

Crisps. One particular brand of crisps, in fact, whose adverts ramble on about some intrepid traveller finding particularly tasty spices overseas, and shipping them home so he could use them to flavour his crisps. And they go on:

That traveller’s name was Phileas Fogg…

No. No, it wasn’t. Phileas Fogg is a fictional character. He’s not real. He was invented by an author, for a book. He’s conveniently old enough to be out-of-copyright, so you can take his name and use it to brand your savoury snacks. So, he didn’t go to Indonesia or wherever and discover tasty spices, because he doesn’t exist. So stop lying to us.

Phileas Fogg: the crisps with the blatant lies in the adverts.

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5 comments on “Fiction”

  1. Dimitra says:

    Will. I’m sorry to have to tell you this. But people don’t necessarily take everything they hear literally.

  2. lksn says:

    They taste rubbish.

  3. Forest Pines says:

    D: I am quite a literal person though, as you know well!

    I’ll make a note that they taste rubbish. I quite like Pipers Crisps, which proudly boast “hand-cooked in Lincolnshire” on the packet. I know at least part of that is true, because I used to pass their factory regularly; it’s midway between Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

  4. Dimitra says:

    Never miss an opportunity to mention Scunthorpe….

  5. Sue says:

    OMG. FP, I love you. I fume at “That traveller’s name was Phileas Fogg” too.

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