In which a craft project stays delayed

As time goes on, the list of creative projects I’m working on to some extent doesn’t get any shorter. If anything it grows, inspired by events such as the Zine Symposium and so on. Of course, the more things I start, the slower everything goes.

The “crochet bomb” mentioned in that list, in particular, has been stuck for a while now; partly from a supplies problem. It’s essentially a black crocheted ball, a bit like a cartoon bomb. It’s going to have to be stuffed, at some point, to retain shape; and the texture of the crochet is the origin of the problem. I do like the texture, but it’ll be open enough to show the stuffing, and the white polyester we have in the cupboard just isn’t going to look right. It wouldn’t take dye, either. I’ve looked around for black stuffing, but haven’t managed to spot any in the shops.* Until I work out a way around the problem, the crochet bomb is going to have to stay unfinished.

* possibly because it’s too dark and was hiding

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6 comments on “Stuffed”

  1. Dimitra says:

    Have you heard of black sheep?

  2. Forest Pines says:

    Yes, but wool tends to be expensive in volume, and not really suitable for stuffing things with. Loops of it would poke out through the fabric.

  3. Clair says:

    How about you stuff a piece of old black t-shirt fabric to the correct shape, and then put the whole thing inside the crochet? Sort of a bag within a bag thing.

  4. Dimitra says:

    We use sheep fleece to stuff things with at school. I have some black one in my classroom. Unfortunately, I can’t give it away and there’s not very much of it anyway. But it seem like the obvious solution. It shouldn’t be too different from polyester in texture (except of course it feels nicer, and it is smellier).

  5. Clair says:

    Or a thought which struck me today… old black tights!

  6. Forest Pines says:

    Now there’s some good ideas. I’ll have to do a few tests.

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