May the Fourth be with you

In which FP isn’t apathetic

Local election day today, and, as I said on Saturday, I won’t be voting for either of the two candidates I have.*

No doubt the politicians would write me off as an Apathetic Non-Voter. That’s because, whenever someone chooses not to vote, the politicans write it off as if it’s the voter’s problem. They never seem to consider what everyone else is telling them: that it’s the politicians who have the problem, not the voters. Politics is the cause of low turnout, not the result of it.

Having said that, we get the politicians we deserve, and clearly right now we don’t deserve much. So, even if you don’t vote today,** go out and do something less boring else instead. If, like me, you think voting won’t make a difference, go out and do something that will.

* Is it legal to say that, or should I be waiting until after the polls have closed? When I saw that there were only two candidates, incidentally, my first thought was: “Bah, why didn’t I think to stand myself?” Vote for the Symbolic Forest Party – a genuine choice! Vote for the Symbolic Forest Party – the local party for local people! Vote for the Symbolic Forest Party – we hate politicians as much as you do! I’m strongly for more independant members in local government.

** Although of course only about 50% of British adults will be eligible to vote anyway today, depending on where you live.

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5 comments on “May the Fourth be with you”

  1. Jo says:

    It is indeed legal to tell/publish your voting intentions. Secret ballots give the right but not the obligation to secrecy.

  2. Forest Pines says:

    I know that much – but is it legal to do it whilst the polls are open?

  3. Marcello Carlin says:

    I am voting because there is a Big Notable Purpose to doing so, i.e. if we don’t vote, you can be sure they will.

  4. Forest Pines says:

    I’d vote, too, if that purpose applied in my ward. It doesn’t – I have a straight choice between the Tories and Labour.

  5. vee says:

    I voted in the last few elections, but in the national one they let the freedom party back into the governmetn inspite of them losing almost 20% (clear voter will showing they should be OUT), so what is the point in voting at all there.
    I voted city council the other day, and there were only 50% voters, pah.

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