All in the timing

In which we wonder if things should be more regular

The other day, I wrote a post that essentially said: “today was a Thursday, but it felt like a Friday“. The next day – when it was still the top post on the page – Gordon replied: “hang on, it is Friday!”

I know it’s hardly a serious thing, but it set me thinking: should I try to stick to a more rigid posting schedule? After all, it’s convenient for the readers if I’m nice and predictable: posts coming up at the same time every day, not just maybe one a day, at some point. The Plain People Of The Internet,* the theory goes, are used to, say, predictable telly scheduling,** and would like predictable blog scheduling too.***

As it is, the blog is updated when I can think of something. Usually, this means late at night, which (in turn) means that, say, a Thursday entry doesn’t get read until Friday. Sometimes, though, it means lunchtime. Occasionally, I post something early in the morning: this means I have been Organised, and drafted something properly. Most of the time – like now – I write whatever’s on top of my head, and press post straight away. Should I be a bit more organised about it?

* apologies to the late Myles na gCopaleen, whose column in the Irish Times was often visited by the argumentative Plain People Of Ireland.

** Presumably apart from the ones who watch BBC 2.

*** I think I originally read this in something by Nielsen, but I can’t find the quote right now.

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3 comments on “All in the timing”

  1. Jaq says:

    Should you be more organized about it? No, don’t be silly :) Part of the joy is popping in at random and finding something new. And, what would you do about Australians and that lot, where it might already be tomorrow in their part of the planet? I’m all for rumpled, disorganized posting.

  2. vee says:

    I agree with Jaq

  3. Gordon says:

    I know of only one blogger who has stated that he only posts at a certain time of day (Peter of Naked Blog). Everyone else takes the random approach and I think that’s the beauty of it.

    Stick with what works for you, we’ll find yer content either way!

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