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What’s In A Name

In which we discuss the name of this site

So far, I haven’t tried to explain the name of this site; and nobody’s asked, probably because very few people read it. I thought it up whilst sitting one afternoon on Doncaster station, waiting for a rather late train, and ever since I’ve been worried that it’s too pretentious.

The meaning came second, but it’s a good meaning,* so that doesn’t matter. The Forest isn’t made of solid wood and trees, but it is there, around us. It’s there all the time, but some days you can see it more than others. Some days you feel that whatever happens to you, however wonderful, you’ll still be feeling awful at the end of the day and you still won’t have achieved anything. That’s because you’re stuck in the Forest, and you haven’t managed to fight your way out of it yet. This site is – at its deepest root – all about doing just that, because it’s written by me, and that’s what I spend an awful lot of my time doing.

That last sentence makes this site sound as if it’s going to be very, very personal, all the time. That’s not true. It’s going to try not to be too pretentious too.

The monster up at the top right does have a name. I’ll get onto that another time, though. I might even make t-shirts.

* if you ask me, at least.

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2 comments on “What’s In A Name”

  1. Vaughan says:

    Yes, I understood all that perfectly. Which perhaps says more about me than I’d really like to admit to.

    Also, I’m impressed that you had thoughts whilst sitting on Doncaster station. I spent three years sitting there – on and off, not constantly, you understand – and the only thought that ever came to me contained expletives related to trains.

  2. Gordon says:

    Maybe more people would read it if they knew who you once were (and no I’ve not figured it out yet, have my suspicions though).

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