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Why I should unplug the phone when I am expecting my parents to call

Or, some people have all the good luck

My mother has a fairly nice stereo. It’s nothing special—not one of those hi-fi enthusiast setups with everything separate, but it has all the ordinary functions and features and is worth a few hundred quid. She won it, a year or two ago. She was thinking about buying a new one to replace their mid-70s record player, when all of a sudden she won one that was worth a fair bit more than she was thinking of spending.

I, on the other hand, do not have a stereo. Well. I have a small portable, which was a christmas present when I was at university. The CD part has been broken for a few years, but it still plays tapes and the radio. The CD drive on my computer plays some of my CDs, but not very many; it’s on its last legs.

So anyway. On the phone to the mother yesterday, she says: “Oh, by the way. What’s a micro-hi-fi system?”

“Um … a hi-fi system that’s smaller than a mini hi-fi system? One of those that’s a 6-inch cube and nothing else? I don’t know? Why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering. I’ve won one, you see.”