Symbolic Forest

A homage to loading screens.


No need to panic

I should write this stuff on the calendar like The Mother does

I was sat around not doing much last night, when I suddenly thought: “Oh no! It’s the parents’ silver wedding anniversary tomorrow!” I have never been able to remember when their wedding anniversary is. Never, ever. Even the times I’ve remembered to buy a card, I’ve forgotten to write it or post it or something. But I thought I really should remember this year, because it’s the silver anniversary and everything.

So, in a big panic (this morning), I rushed out to a nice card shop and bought a nice card. I phoned them too, because I thought I’d better say “Congratulations!” and all that. “No, it’s not today,” quoth The Mother. “I’ts Thursday.” Bah! At least I will remember it this year, after all.