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Photo Post Of The Week (sort of)

In which we remember Christmas

First off: we’ve got a visitor coming again, a week today. Does anyone from Bristol who might be reading this know of anything interesting that might be happening next weekend? Anything artistic, or musical, that’s maybe a little quirky and offbeat, that we can take him to? After all, there’s bound to be something.

Secondly: although I still have at least 6 or 7 weeks backlog of photos to get online, most of the ones I’ve been posting to Flickr this week are shots that have already appeared on the blog, in a few days over Christmas.

Having said that, though, here are a few of this week’s uploads, from Christmas itself.

Family Christmas Family Christmas Family Christmas

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In which we resort to kitten pictures

I don’t have, at the moment, that little piece of grit inside me that I think I need to constantly churn out posts here. Everything is calm and happy, and my energy is going into other things and other projects. I am, for once, committing my thoughts to other plans and other projects.

So, instead of something more substantial, here are some cute kitten photos. The kitten belongs to K’s parents.

Ruby Kitten Ruby Kitten Ruby Kitten

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