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In which time passes without being noticed

Well, that week went past quickly!

So fast, in fact, that I don’t have anything to write. Like a flash. I’m still not sure what happened, but only the other day it was the weekend still. Somehow I missed everything in between.

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At last it’s Friday

In which we plan to get away

Sorry to be whining so much about work, but that’s all my mind’s been full of this week. The pressure is so draining, my mind feels numb and empty by the time I get home, and I have nothing else to write about. My mind feels numb most of the daytime too; it’s at the stage where I just sit down at my desk and blank for a couple of minutes until I remember where I am and what the next task is.

At least I’m off away again this weekend, so I should be able to put work out of my mind for a couple of days. I’m going to Caption, a convention for alternative, small-press and zine-style comics. It’s not a scene I know much about, but I am hoping to be educated.

This week I have mostly been obsessed by:,* the website that tells you what bands people are listening to. I’ve been refreshing it regularly just to check that it is correctly identifying which tracks I’m playing – it does sometimes not seem to recognise some obscure stuff.** I’ll post the link to my profile here, when my profile has more on it. Hopefully it will lead to finding more music I don’t know much about. I am hoping to be educated.

I’ve also been listening over and over to the first album by The Pipettes, a 60s girl-band in modern indie clothing. Review to come when I have time enough to write it.

That’s all for this week, then; one more day of stress stress stress, then at 5pm I can zoom off down to Oxfordshire. And then I’ll come back on Monday all refreshed, hopefully there will be news of the cat, and I’ll be all ready for another week of stress to grind me down. Just maybe, too, I’ll have been educated.

* also known as Audioscrobbler, which always makes me think of The Box of Delights by John Masefield, in which “scrobbling” means “kidnapping”.

** Usually things from Fluxblog, whose mp3s also confuse my mp3 playing software – it can’t read the track length properly, and usually tells me that the file is thousands of hours long.

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In which FP is quicker than the internet

On top of the timezone confusion, work is getting a little pressured this week. I’ve been driving about between branches carrying equipment backwards and forwards, because if you’ve got a large amount of data in the wrong place, the quickest way to sort things out is still to put your computer in the boot of your car and drive it down to Another Part Of The Forest’s branch office. Squeezing it down an internet pipeline takes all day; driving to the other side of the county only takes an hour.*

The best part of that, of course, is that an hour of driving down the motorway is an hour of not having to answer the phone to be given more work.

* Well, the other middle of the county, at any rate.

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Things I Have Had Enough Of

In which stressful things get itemised

Things I have had enough of so far this weekend:

Shopping, crowds, crowded shops, not being able to think of things to buy people, not being able to find things I’ve thought would make really good presents, people getting in my way, people walking too slowly, people who take ages to park, not being able to find a parking space, traffic, getting stuck in traffic, traffic jams, road works on the motorway, motorways in general, having to find clothes to wear for the Christmas party, not being able to find any, not being able to find the changing room in the store, buying clothes that don’t really fit, worrying that I’m going to look stupid, worrying that I’ll get too drunk, worrying that the whole thing will end up in a huge punch-up and I’ll get a black eye.

It’s our office Christmas party tonight. The main good point about our office Christmas parties is that at least we don’t have them at the office itself.

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Too damn busy to blog

In which work must be done

I did have a long, insightful, intellectual blog post all planned in my head, but I was so overworked this afternoon I haven’t had chance to write it down.*

And, tomorrow, I have to go off and spend most of the day in Another Part Of The Forest, getting rather bored as people tell me: “yes, I know it’s working now, but I’m sure it kept crashing yesterday.” Lucky me. I’ll try to remember to send a postcard.

* Well, if “overworked” actually means: spent as long as I thought I could get away with chatting to the friendly (and attractive) new office temp and finding that we have things in common with each other.

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