Blogging is about… (part one in a never-ending series)

In which we notice the details

… noticing little details.

I had my hair cut yesterday, for the first time since October.* Sitting in the salon chair,** mind idling, I noticed the tattoo on the foot of the woman in the next chair: “Gemini, 24-5-1981″ in copperplate. My hairdresser’s arms were covered in long, fine, blonde hair. As she was rather thin, I wondered to myself if it was a form of lanugo. It would have been rude to ask.

My hair, incidentally, looks barely any different to before the cut.

* the last time I had my hair cut, I was dumped the following day. Not that the hair cut had anything to do with that; and not that I’m superstitious or anything.

** Yes, I paid for the proper salon treatment, rather than the trim-it-a-bit-for-a-fiver you get at a barber’s shop. The head-massage stuff is worth it.

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