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Shredder update

In which the broken shredder is sensibly disposed of, to our disappointment

The shredder didn’t go anywhere, in the end. Before anyone could lift it, the branch office phoned up and said: “don’t throw it away! Fix it!” I explained it was unfixable, by me at any rate. So, they phoned up the office secretary and said: “don’t let FP throw it away! Find someone competent to fix it!” The office secretary told them to stop being silly, and started shopping for a replacement, before throwing the broken one out in a sensible, unimaginative fashion. I was mildly disappointed.

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One comment on “Shredder update”

  1. Gordon says:

    Tut tut.

    If you get to throw out ANY piece of office hardware it should also be done in the most extravagant manner possible.

    How tall is the building you work in, for example, a quick lob off the roof would do the job methinks.

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