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Ideas wanted

In which we ponder Christmas presents

It’s not quite the Christmas season for a while yet, but it’s getting near the time when I’m starting to think about what presents to buy. And, particularly, what to buy for the parents. I never know. I always try to think of something unusual, different and interesting, and I usually end up buying the same old books and DVDs for them.

Last year, the mother received a fossilised fish, because Colleague M Emily* had bought something very similar for her mother, so that gave me the idea. On paper it was a terrible present for my mother, because she hates ornaments. Everyone else at the office said “a fish? Why are you getting your mother a fish?” As it turned out, though, she loved it.

This year, though, I haven’t spotted anything equally unusual; and I have to think of things for my dad, too. Any suggestions?

* the Emily who reads and comments here regularly, in case you were feeling confused. Her mother’s present was a pair of polished stone bookends; I bought my mother’s fish-slab from the same shop.

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2 comments on “Ideas wanted”

  1. Gordon says:

    We get my Dad vouchers for Borders. He really enjoys spending an afternoon supping coffee and wandering the aisles, he’s a book freak mind you.

    How about something like that? Vouchers aren’t ALWAYS “impersonal”.

  2. Emily says:

    Go to Fast Frames on Victoria Street near Pasture Street and take a nice picture with you of yourself or something equally as nice that your mum will like. The man there will paint it fast(fast frames) and then you buy it.
    He’s my boyfriend’s friend. Oh yeah, my boyfriend is Dean Reynolds, famous sooker player.

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