Symbolic Forest

A homage to loading screens.



In which we reflect on the past

After I whinged to her about life for a while, my friend (and regular reader) K set me a challenge. Think of six happy memories, and the places they happened. It took me a long time, but here they are:

  • The first night I spent with another person (in a flat on South Clerk St, Edinburgh).
  • The Shimura Curves gig I went to with regular reader Miranda (at the Notting Hill Arts Club).
  • The first time I escorted someone on a kissogram job (in a bar in Castleford)
  • Climbing a hill in Dumfriesshire with friends
  • Going to an event in London a couple of months back with my friend Wendy (in the catacombs beneath London Bridge station).
  • Snuggling up to my then-boyfriend Gareth, in his kitchen, which was painted bright blue and yellow (on Mayfield Road, Edinburgh).

There are probably more happy memories, somewhere, that aren’t too tainted by bad things. These were the first six that came to mind, though.

I was supposed to be off up to Scotland again this weekend, incidentally, with K. She was planning a trip up there to visit various places with another friend, who had to drop out, so she invited me along to take up the spare bedroom. Annoyingly, though, I can’t get the time off work. “Oh, no, you can’t have that day off,” said Big Dave, “I booked it months ago.” Grrrr.