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Sickness and health

In which FP is sore

My throat feels like someone has been rubbing it with sandpaper. I’m sure that hasn’t actually happened. I’d remember.

Nevertheless, I have dragged myself into the office. Given that it’s Monday, everyone would get somewhat suspicious if I stayed at home and croaked down the phone at the office secretary. I’ve come in, and I’m medicating myself by sucking on jelly babies.* They’re definitely soothing my throat more than cough sweets would.

* the secret sort that are actually made from real babies, of course

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2 comments on “Sickness and health”

  1. Taloollah says:

    It wasn’t sandpaper……I took the liberty of cleaning your throat out with the loo brush while you were asleep. Didn’t think you’d mind too much.

  2. Forest Pines says:

    Aaah, suddenly it all makes sense. I didn’t realise my breath was that bad, though.

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