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Busy life

In which eating the leftovers is ill-advised

Note to self: be more careful with the leftovers in future. Two day old Chinese food with prawns in isn’t good for my stomach, clearly. That was at least part of the reason for my absence over the past couple of days. There were other reasons, too, of course – when I wasn’t in bed or throwing up, I was travelling round half of Yorkshire, escorting kissograms and delivering cats. Despite my illness, despite still spending most of the weekend in bed, I didn’t get much sleep.

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5 comments on “Busy life”

  1. kate says:

    Are you ever going to share? Or just leave cryptic comments?

  2. Alex M says:

    “Delivering” in the door-to-door or midwifery sense?

  3. The Goon says:

    How do you get a job as a Kissogram escort?!

  4. Forest Pines says:

    Well it’s not a job as such, just something I did as a favour.

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