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In which we embarrass someone

Happy birthday to regular reader Miranda! She’s no doubt far too busy celebrating to be on the internet today, so I can get away with posting embarrassing photos of her without fear of comeback or retribution.


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2 comments on “Celebration”

  1. Miranda says:


    Dont think I didnt see the “Joey” tags!! LMAO!

    Aww, thank you 😀 You made a fuss out of me. Awww!!!! *chuffed*

    Hope you have a nice day. Im duly pulling a sickie… 😉

  2. Forest Pines says:

    I did tell you I was going to do that, but you might have been too drunk to remember (I think it was just before you tried to start that food fight in the middle of Soho)

    I *ought* to pull a sickie, because I got hardly any sleep at the weekend so I’m bloody knackered now.

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