If I told you what you were thinking, would you believe me?

In which FP considers being evil

The other day, Tim Boucher linked to Colleague M’s ghost story, in which M’s sister Lydia had a bit of trouble with a pair of argumentative ghosts apparently haunting her house. When I first heard about the ghosts, I was hoping I’d be able to post regular updates on the story; but there don’t seem to have been any updates recently. I asked M if anything had happened, and was told that everything has settled down quietly again. No more ghostly voices on the phone, no more things going missing, no more possibly-possessed cats. So, Lydia is able to sleep at night again.

It did get me thinking, though. There’s something I’m tempted to try, but it would be rather evil. I want to try to be a psychic myself.

Not a real one, you understand. However, it should be very easy to pretend to be one, if I want. I’ve still not met Lydia herself, but I do know rather a lot about her, and her family, from M. Secondly, Lydia’s job includes shifts on an enquiry-desk type of place. In other words, it’s easy to get to talk to her – all you have to do is think of a question. All I would then have to do is start telling her the things my intuition was telling me. “You seem to be a mother – I can see a lot of love in your household – but there’s a lot of strain too. Are you a single mother?” And all that sort of thing. The question is: how far would I be able to push this before she starts smelling something fishy? How much would I have to prove I know about her? Or would she just assume I could genuinely sense things about her?

Should I try this? Or would it just be too evil of me?

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7 comments on “If I told you what you were thinking, would you believe me?”

  1. vee says:


    but, probably too mean to do.

  2. Head Apollo says:

    You say evil like it’s a bad thing. Although if you’re going to be a psychic, I think you need to get a fake tan and a really condescending voice.

  3. Dimitra says:

    Very, very mean. Don’t even think about it!

    (Which of course is probably going to make you think about it all the more…)

  4. Forest Pines says:

    I might think about it more, but I’m unlikely to actually *do* it.

  5. Forest Pines says:

    You *always* know.

    (you should meet Colleague M some time)

  6. Gordon says:

    Heh. I see *your* future. I was strolling along Sunset Boulevard the other day, as one does. The area is littered with wee shops containing psychics, all open late into the night. I see yours more on Santa Monica at Cienaga: ‘Shifting Identity’s sure Thing Parlour: The Twist in Your Tail Predicted.’
    Pink lights strung across the window.

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