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Over time

In which we consider Ian Huntley

The big news of the day: convicted child-killer Ian Huntley will not get parole until at least 2042. It’s even bigger news here, because it counts as a Local Story. After lunch, it was all anybody in the office could talk about.

“Oooh, they should lock him up for good,” people said, “after what he did.” “Forty years isn’t enough!” said other people. Everyone seemed convinced: there was no way a 40-year-plus sentence was long enough for him. Everybody was very sure of themselves.

I kept quiet at the office, because I’m doomed to never feel sure of myself on issues like this. No doubt all these people talking are far more experienced than the judge, and no doubt they all know far more about Ian Huntley than the judge does too. Unfortunately, I don’t. I have no idea about criminal sentencing, and I’m entirely willing to admit that Mr Justice Moses probably knows much more about it than I do. All I know is that forty years and more is a very, very long time.

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3 comments on “Over time”

  1. Freiya says:

    hi, i completely agree with you on this, these things sometimes bring out the best and the worst sides of people.
    On one of the news channels the other night they were ‘debating’ weather to bring back capital punishment in relation to the Ian Huntley news which just seemed unbelievable really.
    anyhow sorry to go all serious, you have a great blog, i really enjoy reading it!

  2. You’re not wrong. -Added to which- as an appeasement to the “life means life” brigade- I would imagine that Ian Huntley’s life expectancy has been significantly shortened by being incarcerated for such a long time: it is doubtful that he will ever leave prison, except in a coffin.

    People expect the symbols of justice without the logic of law sometimes and the media adds heat to the emotional soup that is stirred up at every child murder until the country boils over in a seething froth. The fact it has taken two years to complete the sentencing would seem to suggest this wasn’t exactly straightforward, legally. *sigh*
    It is fewer than 200 years since the last public execution in the UK, and barely fifty since the last hanging. Our civilization can seem very fragile at times…

    (-and agreed! a very enjoyable blog, I must add…)

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