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A quiz of my own

In which we set a test

Every year at Christmas I read the King William’s College General Knowledge Paper, try to solve it, and score about 10%. Which is, let’s face it, pretty poor.

I’ve mentioned it before, I think; it’s basically a general knowledge quiz. An incredibly difficult one. It has 100 questions, divided into ten sections. Each section has a theme, but you’re not usually told what the theme is; you have to work it out from the answers. The questions, too, are extremely terse indeed.

It’s hard to answer, but I had a feeling it must be pretty damn hard to write, too. So I thought I’d have a go at my own: a quiz, in the style of a King William’s College section. Ten questions. See if you can answer any of them, or work out what the connection is.

(the worrying thing is, I know exactly which regular readers have a chance of getting any of them)


  1. starred in an Office training video
  2. later moved to the Yorkshire Dales
  3. might have had a band in the family
  4. collapsed when connected to the Matrix
  5. later had a lottery-winning wife
  6. built steam engines
  7. was James Kent-Smith
  8. went through a film without being named
  9. couldn’t believe what happened to his patients
  10. had travelled before, inside his own head.

If you have any idea of any of the answers, get in touch. It does all fit together, I promise.