Symbolic Forest

A homage to loading screens.


Horse and carriage

Or, an invitation

In bed last night, and starting to drift off to sleep. Today In Parliament is on the radio, because it’s so boring it helps me sleep faster. Suddenly: bleep. “Grrr,” I thought, “I’ve forgotten to switch my phone off.” I stumbled out of bed, found it, and looked at the screen.

What’s ure address? i want 2 invite u2 my wedding

“Ungh?” I thought. I was too sleepy to think coherently. “Urgh? Mrghe? Fjfeww? I don’t know anyone getting married.”

Of course, I woke up suddenly two hours later remembering that I did. And she’s getting married. In Paris. And she’s the same age as I am. This is all very scary.

It means I have an excuse for a holiday, though.