I haven't scanned everything, apart from the baby photos. I didn't bother to do pictures that were a bit rubbish, if the same people were on other photos too. I also didn't scan the photo of me that was on the film (I can't remember at all who took that one). So, if you were going to ask: "isn't there one of...?" or "I'm sure I stole your camera at one point and took a photo of...?" let me know and I'll try to find it and send you a copy.

Apologies if I got anyone's name wrong. Send comments and complaints to feedback@symbolicforest.com.

William and his new toilet seat
The new seat installed
William and Pablo
William and Maeve
William in the garden
Maeve and Tony in the kitchen
Jaime and Pablo
Pablo being very aware that the camera is on him
William cooking warily
Various people
Various people (different ones)
Food and smoke
A random partygoer
Lorraine and a friend
Catherine has a light side and a dark side
Colin and Catherine
Arnaud and Kathryn
Piglet (with Pablo)
(and again)
John with Piglet
(and again)
Piglet being fed
David and Jennie
Piglet being fed (again)
(and again)
The Looking Thoughtful Competition
Catherine closes her eyes
Jennie holding Piglet
Lorraine and her brother
Catherine and Arnaud with Piglet
William and Arnaud
Lorraine and Ben
Natalia, Pablo and William
Various people
Pablo and William
The aftermath next morning: One, Two, Three.