In which we get a nomination

I’ve only just found out that Tuesday’s post was one of the nominees in Troubled Diva‘s first Post Of The Week Competition. The other nominations were all very, very well-written, by people who seem to be far more fluent writers than I am,* so I wasn’t exactly surprised when I didn’t win. Thanks to Clair, though, for the nomination.

The eventual winner was this complex, emotional and moving blog post from “this too“. It’s not, at first glance, the sort of blog I normally read,** but that post is definitely a worthy winner. Plus, the site does have some lovely photos.

Oh, the other thing that the competition has made me think is: I should definitely get around to those plans to get the gruntlebeast on t-shirts.

* or maybe they just put more effort in; and bother to spend more than 5 minutes on each post.

** although I should try not to judge just from the one post, shouldn’t I

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