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In which FP feels tired

I can tell I’m getting old when I go out on a Friday night, and by the Monday, I still don’t feel as if I’m properly recovered from it. I don’t have a hangover, or a headache, but I do still feel as if my head is full of felt and I’m going to fall over at any moment.

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In which FP needs to recover

(can I have another holiday, please? I feel so tired, I need one)

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Too much

In which FP is tired

Feeling too tired to write. Too tired, a little ill. Too stressed with work. Too stressed with life at the parents, too far away from H. And there’s too much love to go around these days.

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In which FP takes time off

Recovering from a bit of sickness. Fortunately, only a brief illness; I’m pretty much back to myself again.* I was sick enough to take time off work, though, for the first time in a few years. Normally, however bad I am, I pull myself together enough to make it into the office. I’m not going to go into details about what was wrong, for the benefit of emetophobic readers. There’s at least one that I know of.

Talking of the office, Big Dave seems to be up to something. Lots of hushed calls on his own phone. I’m suspicious. He managed to pull a visiting consultant,** but I don’t think this is related.

* “Only sick in the head”, as Big Dave helpfully said.

** Well, got her phone number on her last day with us.

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