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Nothing in the silence to be frightened of

In which FP rushes blindly round the next corner

Things I should stop worrying about: that sometimes the world seems to be empty for me. Because it isn’t empty; there will always be something just around the corner that I have been too stupid to notice earlier.

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In which it is Friday

Or, Yet Another End-Of-The-Week Post.

End of a rather strange week, in fact. Another emotional rollercoaster of a week, as regular readers will have gathered.

I’ve always felt that things you anticipate never happen quite as you expect. And, indeed, this week has proved that to be true. The world turns, and things change. Things never stop changing, and the emotional rollercoaster has to be ridden.

Yes, I’m going all emo. Shoot me.

Anyway, right now I’m going to go and get dressed up, head off in the car towards Wooldale, and make sure I have a damn good night out. Because, to be honest, I think I deserve it. See you next week.

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Knife marks

In which FP is single

And, all of a sudden, everything is back to normal again. I knew life was going too well.

I’m back in the Singleness Desert. Every so often, you find what you think might be the edge of the desert, but it turns out to be nothing but a small oasis. I’ve been thrown out of my last oasis, and I’m back in the desert again.

I wish we could turn back our memories of this weekend, so I could have all the happy memories of our time together, without the ones of the way we fell apart.

Next thing to do: remember how to fall asleep again. It’s gone 3, and I need to work out how to switch my head off.

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In which FP starts to get lonely

On my own in the office for most of the day, and it left me feeling somewhat down.

There are lots of things I hate about being single, but one of the worst is that it leaves me feeling there isn’t much point to anything I do. There’s no reason to do anything without somebody to confide in later. There’s no reason to come home if there’s noone to hug when I get there.

The minority of you who don’t go bounding straight from relationship to relationship and never have to worry about being single:* how do you cope with this? I’ve been on my own for years, now, and I still haven’t found a way.

* Big Dave, for example, only has to decide he wants to start seeing people, and he’s struggling to avoid women. He keeps complaining that they’re tiring him out, and if it goes on much longer he’s going to have to cut down to only seeing one at once.

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Endless repetitions on a common theme

In which FP misses company

The worst thing about being single isn’t not having sex, or not having company. The worst thing about being single is not having anybody to sleep with.

I don’t mean someone to have sex with. I mean someone to cuddle, someone warm to hold, to snuggle up to, to fall asleep next to and to wake up alongside. That’s the worst thing about being single.

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