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In which we can’t complain

This post was originally written down the other day, in a notebook, sitting in a cafe with K. Post follows:

I’m not sure why, but I can’t bring myself to complain in shops. Maybe it’s a British thing. Maybe it’s a shy geek thing. Nevertheless, whatever the reason, I can’t bring myself to complain in shops, which is why I am sitting here in a cafe drinking herbal tea, instead of the cold drink I was planning to enjoy. I don’t normally drink herbal tea, at all, and sometimes when I’m thirsty I like to have a cold drink then a hot drink, close on each other’s heels. The server misunderstood me – it is a chilly day, after all, and I received two hot ones.

No doubt the server – who sounds American and therefore almost certainly would complain if she found herself in my situation – would not mind if I’d said: hang on, I meant the cordial, not the herbal tea. But, being shy, and geeky, and English, I said nothing, and decided that I would enjoy the tea even though I hadn’t meant to order it. Fortunately, it’s actually quite nice.

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In which persuasion is better than force

In the news today: a slightly silly charity has said that people who give any booze at all to children should be prosecuted.

It’s silly, because, banning something doesn’t stop it happening. You can jump up and down and say “don’t do that” all you like, and it will still happen. You have to persuade people not to do it, rather than just tell them they can’t. These people don’t really seem to realise that.

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In which we beware the homophobes and have milky tea

Talking of things that are very English: tea is much more healthy if you drink it without milk. The news isn’t going to help me, though, because I will never ever drink the stuff without milk in. I’ve tried it. It makes me ill. Without milk in, without fail, it brings up my stomach. So the news that it’s healthy raises a bitter laugh.

More serious news: as I type,* people are protesting on the streets of London for their God-given right to be nasty people. More specifically, they’re protesting that homophobia should be legally sacrosant, on religious grounds. I’m not sure I understand these religions for whom “keep away from the gays, you might catch gayness” is apparently more important than “love thy neighbour”. Take the Christians, for example – Jesus famously didn’t say anything at all about sexuality. St Paul did, but St Paul said lots of things.** The Old Testament does, but the Old Testament also says that wearing mixed-fibre fabrics should attract the death penalty.*** If being able to turn people away because they’re gay is such a religious issue, how come it’s never been a major tenet of your faith historically? If it’s not, why are you being nasty?

* see, that’s damn topical

** Then again, most Christians probably pay more respect to the teachings of St Paul than Jesus himself. St Paul wasn’t even one of Jesus’s followers, but he still managed to invent most of Christianity. For one thing, he came up with the controversial and shocking idea that you didn’t have to be Jewish to be a Christian. Want to feel like you’re going to heaven but can’t give up the bacon rolls? Thank St Paul! Trying to get your child into an Anglican school, but don’t want to have to stay away from everybody when you’re menstruating? Guess who you should thank!

*** I will look this up and check it later, I promise.

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In which FP goes drinking

I have discovered something wonderful.

It’s fruity, sweet, lively, refreshing.

It’s strawberry beer.

Now, I know I’m not normally a beer person. Normally, beer makes me shudder, grimace, fall over, and crawl to the nearest toilet.* Strawberry beer,** though, is different. It tastes and looks like a runny fruit smoothie, but makes you very drunk into the bargain. Delicious.

I found this out on my way to a Shimura Curves gig in Notting Hill. Beforehand I’d arranged to meet up with Kate, Ian, Miranda and Ed in a nearby pub, where Miranda introduced the rest of us to the lovely pink concoction. I’m sure it added an extra bit of fruitiness to Kate’s on-stage performance. The Curves were wonderful, too, don’t get me wrong here. The entire night was an amazing night, in fact. Strawberry beer, though, was definitely one of the highlights.

* cue Miranda saying “that’s because you’re just a lightweight!”

** Its proper name is “fruli”, or something roughly sounding like that.

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