In which things are described systematically

I’ve not been too well again, hence the gap in posting. No energy, no get-up-and-go, no appetite.

I eventually dragged myself to the computer to check my RSS reader, thought, and my appetite came back. Because, courtesy of Informationally Overloaded, I read A Sketch Towards a Taxonomy of Meta-Desserts.* Hurrah! At last, someone has invented a systematic way to describe pudding. My appetite came back straight away, and I started raiding the freezer. Must read that blog more at some point – preferably just after I’ve eaten, not just before.

In other news: thanks to Feather Boa for solving my telly-related puzzle from the other day. I would have noticed sooner, but her comment was in the queue and I didn’t spot it until now. Bah. Thank you!

* I particularly like the URL, too

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