Signs I’m Getting Older

In which FP has lost interest in something

Signs I’m Getting Older, number 3267. Not only do I not remember that there’s a Doctor Who special on, I’m not particularly bothered when we realise we’re missing it.* And not only do I forget it’s on, I forget when it’s repeated. And don’t bother to watch it online, either.

OK, I did at least look up the repeat times. But in a mildly disinterested way. And I don’t have any particular urge to watch it, especially not after seeing the trailers many times. I’ll probably be able to raise a bit more interest next year when the next proper series starts; but for now, I’m not too bothered. Maybe I am starting to get older.

* because K phoned someone only to get: “why are you phoning me right now? Doctor Who‘s on!

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2 comments on “Signs I’m Getting Older”

  1. Dimitra says:

    Ooooh. There’s a monster in the corner. I don’t think I had spotted it before.

  2. Forest Pines says:

    Maybe that’s because it’s not always there!

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