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Just a quick post to say that: readers who normally use their RSS reader to look at this site might want to click through today. To see what everything now looks like. There aren’t many of you, but you are all regular readers, so I thought I’d let you know.

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7 comments on “Public Information”

  1. Lyle says:

    Yep, not bad at all.

    Although the comment page seems to be broken, and has an error at the bottom of it about “Unsupported operand types”, just so you know.

    Personally I’m not keen on the nav items being greyed out until they’re hovered-over, but I’m hardly someone that can complain about nav/design etc…

  2. Forest Pines says:

    As far as I can tell, the similar nav-items in the previous design were hardly ever used; these ones were intended to be more prominent.

    Bug sorted – thanks for pointing that out, I should have caught it. My hosts’ PHP installation is rather stricter than my home testbed, where it worked; the default WP theme would probably have had the same problem.

  3. Dimitra says:

    But, but, are these Christmas trees?

  4. Forest Pines says:

    It does look a bit more Christmas than I’d originally intended. They’re just trees, really.

  5. Clair says:

    I like it. But those are Christmas trees.

  6. Forest Pines says:

    They’re just supposed to look a bit piney.

  7. Dimitra says:

    I think it might be the fact that they’re white and the way they are scattered around that makes them look like falling snow, and therefore like Christmas-y wrapping paper. Not that this is a bad thing. I didn’t mean to poke fun at your blog. I like the ‘in which…’ part rather a lot :)

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