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In which we prefer Jeff Buckley

K and I are both fairly interested in music, I’d say. We’re not experts, and we’ve only got one or two thousand albums between us; but we’re probably more interested in music than the average person.

Having said that: I’m utterly, utterly uninterested in this year’s Christmas Number One single news story. It’s slightly depressing, true, but not surprising that a plastic, packaged, and heavily marketed version of something should sell more than a genuine-but-unadvertised one. It’s good, too, that it might introduce some people to an artist who is definitely more artistic in some ways than the stuff they hear on X-Factor. It’s a shame, though, that they’re being introduced to someone who’s been dead for over ten years, and was barely known before his death. Better they were introduced to someone who would benefit from the support now.

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  1. […] know, before Christmas, I grumbled about how disinterested I am, this year, in the annual Christmas Number One single news. So disinterested, in fact, that I wrote two whole paragraphs in it. But, having had to listen to […]

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