In which we note the Grimsby Telegraph’s latest marketing campaign

The rather news-thin Grimsby Telegraph newspaper has decided to jump on a fish-marketing bandwagon and declare today to be Great Grimsby Day. A day to be proud of the Grimsby area! Its scenic mudflats! Its thriving heroin-injecting scene! The active support for boxing and extreme wrestling seen in the town centre every Saturday night! The wide range of chain-based shopping opportunities, and the picturesquely decaying industrial areas. Be proud, people!

It’s a good thing, I suppose, that they didn’t get it confused with National Fetish Day, which – equally arbitrarily – was yesterday. I hate to think what would have happened. There’s not much of a fetish scene in Grimsby, after all; a couple of the regulars in the Lloyds Arms and that’s about it.* I can quite easily imagine the Grimsby Telegraph’s staffers not understanding what the word means.

* I’m exaggerating, slightly. There’s more like four, plus a couple more people who drink elsewhere.

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27 comments on “Pride”

  1. JillyCooperFan says:


    God, you’re funny. Did you write this all by yourself or did your mummy help you?

  2. Lisa says:

    Media Addict? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, yeah right! You clearly don’t know what you’re commenting on. If you did, then you’d realise Great Grimsby Day was celebrated nationally.
    Oh my God. You’re not a… *media student*, are you? Noooooooooo!

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh and go on – do have the guts to post this up as a reply. After all , one criticism deserves another…

  4. JillyCooperFan says:

    What’s wrong with fish? I thought Austin looked well sexy dressed as a fisherman and handing out fish fingers. Ooooh… fishy…

  5. HarryHaddock says:

    Let’s have Grimsby is Crap Day… just like every other 364 days of the year. Woohoo! GY sucks! Yay!!

  6. Grimsbyfan says:

    How rude and patronising.

  7. Doggy says:

    I’ll have you know that GY has a massive fetish scene, you just have to know where to look. Come to the munch at the Wellington on a Sunday night and look out for the table with the cowboy hat on it and we will show you a proper Codhead welcome. Bitch. (Suck it.)

  8. Lisa says:

    Ha ha ha what a wimp – I knew you wouldn’t leave my comments up. LOSER!!!

  9. AnotherGrimsbyfan says:

    I think you are exaggerating slightly all the way through actually, not only the part marked with *.

  10. rpeorter says:

    I wrok for the tlegaph and i fink i am smartt and my mum sez so too. how drea you pikc on me i am teling. u smel.

  11. GY bird says:

    From your comments I take it you are well versed in the fetish world… Maybe you could pass on your knowledge to the Telegraph – after all it appears you THINK you could do a better job than them.
    Have you been knocked back after applying for a job then?

  12. Lisa says:

    I’m going to report you to the Telegraph and to this site.
    You do realise this is defamation don’t you? Oh no, you probably don’t. Because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  13. Forest Pines says:

    That’s quite funny! Report me to the Telegraph? After all, you do work for Northcliffe yourself.

  14. Pat Hetic says:

    Still struggling with: ‘finding a relationship somehow’?

    Try going out rather than wasting your time writing such self-opinionated nonsense you social retard.

  15. Grimbo says:

    Why do you hate Grimsby so much? It’s lovely, there’s a chip shop and everything. Shame about the GT having no news though. Must be because there’s never any crime or anything. I’ve lived in Grimsby for 46 years and I’ve never even seen a piece of litter. That’s what’s so great about it :)

  16. Lisa says:

    Yeah and?

  17. Lisa says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is brilliant fun!

  18. Gy bird says:

    Yes we all do. So you also have great investigative reporting skills – not just a gift for rambling on about things you know nothing about.
    Do you have any concept about what news is? Possibly not, otherwise you would have a job on a paper – something you obviously envy us for!

  19. Grimbo says:

    PS. What is the North Cliff? Is it near the Dock Tower? I’ve lived her 89 years and I’ve never seen the North Cliff. Is it pretty? Do they sell chips there? I don’t want to go if there’s litter though

  20. Lisa says:

    So are you not worried about a libel action then? I would be.

  21. meg says:

    I’ve lived her 678 years and I’ve never once seen a bandwagon. I think it’s great that new bands are bringing their wagons to the town. Do you know if the Fish Fingers will be playing at the Matrix?

  22. BigDave says:

    Perhaps Media Addict could inform us all as to why, if he hates Grimsby and the Telegraph so much, he does not simply do one or both of the following. Either leave Grimsby assuming he lives here, which from his comments, I assume he does. And secondly why does he continue to buy the Telegraph. Surely he could use the 36p he would save on something more productive. Perhaps he could save it up and purchase himself a girlfriend so he can escape the sad and pathetic world of “professional” blogging he obviously belongs too. Or maybe it would be best if he ceased his jealousy of real writers such as the Telegraph’s journalists, got himself a job, stopped playing Dungeons and Dragons, and saw the light.

  23. How can you criticise this thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis, only two grotesque train journeys from London? There are plenty of reasons to wear your Harry Haddock/ Mariners/ Youngs Fish Pie cardboard cut-out with pride and a certain degree of adulation.
    Just take a sneek preview of our selling points:
    *A thriving gay scene, including G.A.Y rival La Rues. It is even hoped that Grimsby will one day expand its gay scene in Riby Square to accommodate what is to be called “the pink fish strip”, a series of homosexual-friendly bars offering a coastal version of Manchester’s Canal Street.
    *A happening shopping centre, Freshney Place, with its own chav-reproduction clinic, complete with compulsory termination kits.
    *A bus stop with a roof on, also known as Wetherspoons next to the train station. Pushes the boundaries of what we can all expect from contemporary night life, and is not afraid to stick its head above the parapet and sell, ooh, wine and spirits as well as “LAAAAARGER MAYYYTE”
    *Last but not least, a world leader in tourism ameneties. This illustrious list includes, but is not excluded to:- St James Hotel, which offers a free, exlusive set of ‘take-home-now’ mildew-stained pillows (plus free bed bugs to those daredevils who opt for an en-suite room); and The County on Bargate, which knocks its competition out of the water with a complementary bout of crabs after each stay, plus a free cod dinner with extra minge hair for VIPs.

  24. YoucantspellGrimsbyWithoutTheWordGRIM says:

    Never heard of this blog before but I have to say I don’t see what the fuss is about. I’ve lived here all my life, been married for 10 years, and have children at a local school , and I wish I could get a better job and move away as this really is not a great place to bring up kids.
    I’m really worried my children grow up to become like those goths you read about in The Daily Mail.

  25. Liquorice Hex Mckenzie says:

    What are you on about goths rule, grimsby is good for me. Plenty of graveyards to get naked in..its dark 90% of the year, not to mention it is grim in more ways than one.


  26. Harry says:

    There’s not much to do in Grimsby im afraid. And the fact staff of Northcliffe Media Ltd would rather threaten bloggers than do their actual work (making tea and answering phones) is proof of that!
    Get back to your work! We help pay your wages, so it’s time you earned them!

  27. LKSN says:

    Who knew Grimsby was such a contentious subject or that the staff of the Grimsby Telegraph were such delicate little flowers ?

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