Just for once…

In which the world spins around us

…I am going to write a post without a one-word title.

The news is full of utterly incompetent terrorists; politics is all changing;* and the floodwaters are finally dropping.** And, I’ve been all quiet. Because I’ve been feeling absolutely terrible – as if I’m going to be sick any minute, without ever actually being sick.

Oh, and there was a wedding party, too; and the usual turning world.

On Doctor Who: I have a long post planned, about the similarities between the series finale and the books of Pratchett. It can wait, though, until I have more energy. And until Ian is back from his holidays, so I don’t accidentally spoil anything. I wonder what he might be getting up to.***

* this may be an exaggeration

** unless you live near Doncaster

*** and if there will be photos.

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2 comments on “Just for once…”

  1. Martijn says:

    At first I read that the news is full of utterly incompetent politicians and that terrorism is all changing. (I just made this up, but you wouldn’t have been very interested in me writing here “I read the first sentence correctly the first timw”, would you now?)

    And well, what would you do if you were a doctor and a new law intended to take away your main source of income?

    Did they find the musilms who caused the floods? Or do you think I shouldn’t have bought that copy of the Daily Mail?

    Sorry about all the nonsense. Get well.

  2. Dimitra says:

    Martijn? Nonsense? I don’t get it…

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