Strange week

In which we know what you’re looking for – and what Big Dave is looking for too

Well, yes. It’s been a strange week, and it’s over now. Roll on the next week and the next weekend.

Big Dave was annoying me a lot this week. I was tempted to post a long list of all his annoying Tourette’s-style tics. They include:

  • Tuneless humming
  • Calling me “Susan”
  • Calling me “Captain”
  • Making robot noises whenever he moves his chair
  • Tuneful humming, of 80s TV themes
  • Singing “I want to break free” – with “free” replaced by “wind”

What makes it more annoying is: him breaking off to tell you how much work we both have, how it’s all urgent, how we need to get it done because of all the managers that are pressuring him about it. Especially when a lot of things he could have delegated to me a long time before, but only has at the last minute. Especially when he then goes straight back to the annoying tics.

Worrying recent search requests:

  • back to abusive ex
  • nsfw
  • inbreeding erotica
  • see you soon! flirting
  • when do clocks change goole
  • you have been watching hi de hi
  • biscuit crumbs health attitude
  • i hate grimsby

This is the internet. Warning: May Contain Nuts. Well, the last one makes sense, at least. Maybe this week coming will be better than the last.

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