The Doctor*

In which we criticise the finale

So … OK, the Doctor worked out that closing the breach into the Void would suck in all the alternate-universe Cybermen, not to mention the Cult of Skaro refugee Daleks. But did he know beforehand that the Void would somehow manage to suck them all in through one small window, instead of just acting like a big attractor and leaving thousands of Daleks and Cybermen stuck to the side of the Canary Wharf tower?

And am I the only person who thought that a couple of the plot points were lifted directly from The Amber Spyglass? Not just the general travelling-between-universes idea, but more specific things: the breaches between universes causing major climate change; and, of course, the whole ending.

(highlight the following space if you want to read the spoilers)

The ending to write Rose out of the series was, essentially, just like the ending of The Amber Spyglass – two characters with an intense but non-sexual love for each other, who are told they have to stay apart, in seperate universes, because if any of the gaps connecting the universes are kept open then everything will be undone and destroyed.

(end of spoiler space)

The episode did prove one thing beyond doubt, though. Out of Daleks and Cybermen, Daleks have by far the better sense of humour.

* apologies to anyone who didn’t watch the Doctor Who series finale this weekend, so has no idea what I’m on about.

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6 comments on “The Doctor*”

  1. Alex M says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. And what of the Cybermen on the other side of the planet? Why did they not get pulled straight through the Earth by the rift, instead of neatly taking off and neatly flying there, again, via that window? Tsk.

    The Daleks and Cybermen slagging each other off did make me laugh, though. As someone on another site said, it was like a pair of kids facing off in the playground.


  2. Forest Pines says:

    That scene was definitely the best part of the episode.

  3. Miranda says:


    I’ve been trying to find a suitable place on the net to vent my “amber spylass ending” spleen, and now I have found it! So.. here it is.

    YES! It WAS like the ending of the amber spyglass!

    So there it is. This is all.

  4. dem says:

    Yes – I felt there was a Dark Materials element to this storyline when they first left Micky in the alternate universe. Of course they conveniently left out the bits about being apart from your own world slowly killing you over time. Also agreed that the Dalek/Cybermen confrontation was the best part of the series. And lifted from HDM or not, the ending made me cry!

    On a slightly related note, did you read that Billie Piper is working on a tv version of Philip Pullman’s Ruby in the Smoke? Can’t wait!

  5. Matt Allen says:

    The Cybermen didnt get pulled through the original hole as they had mapped themselves onto the planet through the cracks between the universes CAUSED by the original VoidShip. Therefore they were pulled back through those cracks into the Void. Hovever the TARDIS had been through the void, why did that not get pulled through. If it was because it was 45 floors down, couldnt Rose, Pete, Mickey and Jackie simply not have gone and locked themselves in the loo or somewhere? Still a good episode though – apart from right at the end – TARDIS? – BOVVERED?? FACE – TARDIS – BOVVERED – SPACE TIME – BOVVERED? That woman just cannot ACT!!! Sorry – thats all!! Spleen vented. Thanks

  6. Forest Pines says:

    The Daleks all went back through the original breach, though, and all got sucked through the one small window.

    I’m with you on Catherine Tate! And how did she get in the Tardis anyway?

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