Little Touches

In which we know what’s happening in Dogger and German Bight

All clubs or venues, of any sort that play music or have a DJ, usually have one particular track that they use to say “right, people, it’s time to shift yourselves and go home so we can start clearing up.” Something slow, something relaxed, something that says “the night’s over, now move yourselves.”

There are several things I like about the Netherthong And Wooldale Theatrical And Social Club,* but one of them is its choice of “go home” music. Sailing By. Followed by the Shipping Forecast itself.** Like other aspects of the Netherthong And Wooldale, this appeals to my sense of humour. It’s often the little touches that make you smile*** more than the firmer ones.

* not its real name, but you’re getting used to this by now.

** Of course, if you’re not British, or have never stayed up listening to Radio 4 until 1am, you won’t know what either of these are anyway. You can read the current shipping forecast, though, or listen online.

*** Or laugh. Or giggle. Or go “Aaargh no! Stop it! Tickling!!!”

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One comment on “Little Touches”

  1. mitya says:

    I would LOVE to be sent home by the Shipping Forecast.

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