End of the week

In which we dislike all politicians, and wonder what to give The Mother for her birthday

The week in summary: behind on blog posts, behind on reading, slightly up on real work.

When I came up with the post categories for this site, “Political” was in there from the start. From the start, I knew the position I’d be writing from: my political stance is that you can’t trust any of them.* It’s good to see that the latest political funding row bears that stance out. Or, it would be good, if none of these people had any power.** It’s slightly scary to think that some of them run the country.

Now that the sun’s out, it’s about time I started planning more holidays. Renewing my passport would probably be a good plan, too – but can anyone suggest places to go? Something else I could do with suggestions on: birthday presents for The Mother. Her birthday’s coming very soon, and I really have no idea what to get.

* Well, it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the most important part.

** The Tories don’t have much, of course, but you never know what might happen in the future.

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3 comments on “End of the week”

  1. birchscrub says:

    go to the baltic states- excluding the stag party hotspots. Or simply go to the hotspots during the week rather than the weekend. Or southern italy, before it gets really hot – not thought of as fashonable, but the little white villages, like those in Andalucia, are really charming. Or northern ireland – you wouldn’t think of going there, would you?

  2. Forest Pines says:

    You’re right, I wouldn’t.

  3. birchscrub says:

    and i din’t think you responded to your own posts. Hurrah.

    In this age of easyjet vs carbon emissions, please think about not going long haul, at least?

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