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In which we do not like an empty justification

Today’s Guardian front-page story: an advisor to parliament called Robert Gifford is using July 7th as an excuse for advocating automatically prosecuting anybody driving without a seatbelt or whilst using the phone – and, by extension, tracking all cars in the country. The logic behind this: the evil murderers used a car shortly before the attack.

Similar car-tracking plans have been around for a while; as existing car-tracking systems are expanded, the police push and push for them to be extended to the entire major road network. I don’t like the idea. What really sickens me, though, is people like Robert Gifford who try to sell the proposals by bringing up July 7th. Yes, Mr Gifford, like most people in the country, the July 7th murderers travelled by car. That does not mean that they would have been stopped if the police knew where their car was.*

There may be legitimate reasons for car-tracking – stopping banned and uninsured drivers, for example. Stopping terrorism is definitely not one of them; and Robert Gifford is a horrible and reprehensible person for trying to make you think it is.

* Unless, of course, the police are going to stop every car from Northern England that suddenly appears in the Home Counties.

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3 comments on “Disgusting”

  1. Clodia says:

    so the logic is that someone who drives without seatbelt is suicidal and thefore definitely a terrorist?

    no wait there is no logic behind this, just plain idiocy.

  2. Gordon says:

    Dress it up anyway they want, this is about money. Tracking people equals more fines.

    And the sickening use of 7th July is just that, vile and sickening. Horrible man.

  3. birchscrub says:

    but kent police are using the same tracking techniques in the investigation of the £53m bank raid. And the tracking was used in the efforts to find the killers of PC Beshenivsky.

    Its not that the police shouldn’t have these powers – but how they chose to exercise them that counts. Panorama tonight proved that – and directly related to 7th July. The adviser must be a halfwit if he thinks 7th July will inform an arguement about driving standards.

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