In which we prepare for a wedding

Just another brief snippets post. Tonight I’m busily packing, because tomorrow I’m zooming off to London. Hurrah!

One thing that’s been on my mind recently: when the government came up with Civil Partnerships, did they deliberately invent as cumbersome a term as they could, so that people would end up calling it marriage? Consider these two statements:

“My friends W and P are holding a civil partnership registration ceremony.”

“My friends W and P are getting married.”

Now, which of those are people actually going to say?

I’m only in London for the weekend, sadly. I will be spending most of the weekend trying to find the registry office on Bow Road, because my friends W and P are getting married there.* Most of what I know about Bow Road, I learned here.

(someone should probably explain to me some time that London is more than just its railway system. In fact, there are entire areas of London with no trains. That’s what the rumours say, anyway. I don’t think there’s any way to actually get to those places.)

Someone recently reached this site by searching for “shimura curves mailing list”. I don’t know much about pure maths, but I asked someone from the band Shimura Curves, and they do indeed have one: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/22news. The name isn’t very obvious, but it is about them.

To close, a sign which has been hanging around our redecorated offices lately. It made me smile:

Please be careful
Touching up drives me CRAZY.

I have to admit, I often feel the same way too. Have a nice weekend yourselves.

* Except that they’re not. Because they’re registering a civil partnership. But you knew that.

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4 comments on “Terminology”

  1. Dimitra says:

    There are buses in London… and they are fun

  2. Forest Pines says:

    I’ve only caught buses in London a couple of times. I do like the “spider maps” they now have at the bus stops, but get scared because I can never work out which routes you’re supposed to buy tickets on the bus, and which ones from the ticket machines.

  3. The Goon says:

    Just get a Travelcard, then you can just get on and off any bus you like, go riding, discover parts of London you never knew existed. Although the only real buses left in London now are on parts of the 9 and the 15.

  4. Forest Pines says:

    I should really do that – I normally have a Travelcard anyway for the Underground.

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