In which we see if it worked

Well, if you can see this, then the upgrade worked. Hurrah!

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5 comments on “Testing…”

  1. gripes says:

    Amazing… you can’t see the joins or anything…

  2. Ian says:

    Hurrah! One day, I’ll make the big leap across from Movable Type, but I’m not feeling too brave at the moment :).

  3. Dimitra says:

    So, is it worth bothering with?

    It’s just the idea of having to back up before doing it that puts me off…

  4. Forest Pines says:

    I’m not sure. To be honest, nothing has leaped out at me and made me go: “woo, I’m glad I upgraded.”

    I don’t like the new post-editing thing – straight away, I switched back to the old one, because I couldn’t see how to do <small> tags in it.

    It does seem to perform slightly faster; but it’s impossible to tell at the moment how much of that is down to the upgrade itself. Upgrading was painless, though.

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