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In which we wonder where road safety meets surveillance

The police have come up with a cunning plan to track every car on the British motorway network. Oh, wonderful. I’m an innocent person.* In theory I’ve got nothing to fear from the police. I’m still uncomfortable at the idea of them having 2 years’ records of my travels around the country, though.

A proposed speed-limit crackdown has already been in the news; and cameras tracking you every quarter-mile of your journey would be an ideal tool to do it with. My own belief – which is entirely unscientific, of course – is that I’m a less safe driver when I think the limit is being strictly checked, because I spend more of my time checking the speed needle rather than checking the road.

* well, I tend to drive at 75mph, but that’s all.

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3 comments on “Trackable”

  1. clair says:

    I agree with you…I’m definately sure I’m safer when I’m not needle watching.

    I’d also be alot happier if the focus was on safe driving rather than fast driving…it’s got to be safer to drive a bit above the limit, than to drive slowly but too close to the car in front?

  2. Gordon says:

    All the recent talk of speed limits is beginning to annoy me.

    They won’t cure the problem, which as clair points out, isn’t the SPEED but the SAFETY aspect. Better trained drivers is what we should be aiming at.

  3. Forest Pines says:

    See also: the attempt to rebrand speed limits as a pro-environmental issue.

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